So we took a week off of everything once school let out.  There was NO soccer or football and I didn’t make “the athlete” go to morning swim.  But now we are back to reality.

My athlete has soccer practice with FPYC twice a week for the rest of the summer.  They are doing this instead of one week of “camp”.  I think it’s a good idea.  It will help them stay on top and get used to their new team mates.  If you are unfamiliar with kids sports these days there was some intensive try-outs that took place recently and we were able to add kids to the team.  The little kids love it because our team has practice at a nice field with a great playground.  It certainly makes the practice go quickly.

The athlete was also invited to play in an all-star flag football game this weekend.  So he is excited about that.  He has been enjoying flag football and wants to play tackle in the fall as his secondary sport.  He is also swimming for Reston this summer.  He has mixed feelings about swimming and probably won’t do it again next year.  He likes the meets, but they have conflicted twice with football (which he prefers) and he is not a fan of morning swim practice.  I like Reston’s philosophy about swim team and that it is more of a fun league than a truly competitive league.  Now if everyone saw it that way that would be really cool.

He also leaves for a mission trip with Floris UMC this weekend.  I am very proud of him and I think it will be a wonderful experience for him.  He will be helping at a homeless shelter and food bank.  He has a week of day camp scheduled with the local community center and a session at SB2W, which I can’t say enough good things about.

D2, my middle child, has a week of VBS scheduled at Floris UMC.  He is so excited.  He also has a week of nature camp with Reston.  This is separate from the community center.

The Princess has a couple of classes scheduled through the community center.  She and D2 both have swim lessons and sign language classes this summer.

So this summer will be full and fun.  NOVA is not a cheap place to live and we are blessed to receive help with the cost for classes and sports.  But I make sure to volunteer where I can to give back to the various organizations.  And my kids (especially K) know that if we can’t make it work financially we don’t do it.  I am appreciative for the help.  I hope that someday soon it won’t be necessary, but for now it allows my kids to have fun.  And I recommend if you are looking for things to do check out the local community offerings.

I hope you enjoy your summer as much as we will.