Okay, so I haven’t written in a long time and someone recently asked me what I was up to in reference to the blog.  Sadly my lovely boys downloaded a virus of some kind onto my laptop and killed it.  Blue screen of complete death.  I liked writing the blog from my laptop cause I could write in bed.  Now I am stuck downstairs and at times this means putting everyone to bed and coming back down.  Recently I have been diligent about “going to bed” when I put the kids in bed.  So – no writing.

Since I last wrote last names have changed in our home.  I returned to my maiden name and my oldest son (the athlete) took on the last name of his siblings and my significant other.  He was so happy when the judge approved the name change.  He couldn’t wait to get to school and have me turn in the papers.  He has been changed legally with Social Security and the state.  They issued him a new birth certificate.  My change is done, but I have not made the changes everywhere yet.  It will take awhile.

The athlete is still playing soccer.  His team is in division 1 and is currently in 3rd place and have a chance of coming in 2nd.  We are all very pleased.  He has also been invited to play tackle football in the fall.  He is currently playing flag football for fun.  The coach has offered to switch the practice days, so that K can play.  I am a proud Momma and ultimately he is an amazing athlete.  It looks like we are going to let him play both in the fall as long as he keeps his grades up.  That is not easy for him, but he can do it when he puts his mind to it.  Swim team starts in a week!

The middle monster, D2, is currently playing tennis and baseball.  And he loves it all.  He thinks it is really cool that Momma is the baseball coach.  There have been a couple days when I wish I wasn’t but overall it has been a lot of fun.  He has also been invited to play flag football in the fall.  Where did these sport kids come from.  If you don’t know me I am the furthest thing from athletic.  I break my toes regularly.  I don’t like being out in the heat and the bugs in general – though I am apparently up for it if watching my kids play.

And princess, K2, recently took a trip to Myrtle Beach with my mother.  They had a great time and she loved it.  No surprise.  She constantly wants to be in the water and always has.  She is talking a bit more here and there.  She tells us when the dog is misbehaving and she will tell you if she has trash to get rid of.  And recently she wants “joos”.  Though I keep giving her milk and water too.

The school year is coming to an end soon.  Which means my PTO time with one of my dearest friends is also coming to an end.  I will have to make sure to come up with new reasons to get together.  Though last week we walked to lunch and back to her house.  It was great.  So that will have to be more often.  I have been voted in to the middle school PTA board and the preschool board (again) for next year.  I offered to be a manager for the swim team, but quickly learned that it was not a healthy environment.  I felt belittled and disrespected twice within one week, so opted out of that position.

So I promise to start sharing here again as I often have things that I want to share.  But until I can write in bed again I won’t promise it will be too often.

Have a great night.  And as my dad always says “Be Good and if you can’t be good – Be Safe!”